Lake Mohave Directions

Start by going west on I-40 to Kingman AZ.
Take the 3rd Kingman exit and turn as if you are going to Las Vegas. This is Highway 93.
About three miles you will see the exit to Laughlin Nev. This is Highway 68.
Take this about 20 miles.
As you are coming down the hill into the river valley you will see two gas stations and two boat storage yards on your left.
After you pass the last storage yard you will see a road on your right side that used to let you drive over the dam. This is just after the second runaway truck ramp.
Turn on this road and go about ½ mile. You will then see a road on your right with a sign that says Lake Mead recreation area.
Turn on this road and take it to the fee station. You will need to pay an entrance fee to enter the park. If you have a national park pass it will work here.
After you pay the fee proceed down the hill about 200 yards. You will then come to another road on your right.
After you turn on this road you will see a sign on your right that says Cabinsite Point is 2 miles ahead.
Proceed on this road until you come to the second paved road going off to your left. The very end of the road.
This road goes around in a circle. At the back of the circle there is a dirt road heading to the lake.
Proceed down this dirt road. It dead ends into the lake.
There are Restrooms on your left side.
We will dive on both sides of the point.
There is a school bus in 40 feet on water on your left. A Ford van in 30 feet of water on your left. There are also 2 boats off the right side of the point. One sits in 35 feet of water and the other sits in 80 feet of water.
Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, hat, snacks, water and your SCUBA Gear. Don’t Forget your logbook!!!!!

Tropicana Express—1-800-243-6846
Riverside Resort—1-800-227-3849
Aquarius Resort——-1-800-352-6464
Colorado Belle——-1-800-477-4837
Lodge on the River ( Bullhead City) 1-888-200-7855
Camping at Lake Mohave——————1-800-752-9669

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