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Summit Divers & Watersports is Northern Arizona's full service scuba and watersports store.

Service Alert

If you have purchased or had serviced a Oceanic or Hollis Diaphragm  style regulator there possibly can be safetly concerns with parts used during the following period.  October 1, 2017 and May 25, 2018.  Please contact us for further info and service needs.  Or contact your vendor or the manufacurer.

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About Summit Divers

Scuba Education

Summit offers scuba training from beginner to instructor level

Scuba Travel

Summit offers professionally guided scuba travel to the Caribbean, Pacific and destinations worldwide


Summit has kayaks, canoes for sale and rent.  We offer clothing and gear for scuba and watersports.

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All passports must be valid for SIX MONTHS after the last day out of the country


All deposits are non-refundable unless you or the shop can sell the spot



All rooms will be double occupancy unless other arrangmnents are made at the customers expense



Cozumel/ Cenote/ Whale Shark

This trip to Cozumel with transfers to the mainland for Cenote diving and Whale Shark snorkeling will be an action packed adventure while staying at luxury resorts.

 We fly out of Phoenix at 645 am Saturday June 22nd and arrive in Cozumel at 300 pm.  We stay at the Allegro resort and have 4 dives per day available to us for 4 days.  The resort will provide all meals and drinks (alcohol included).  Nitrox is free.  All taxes and fees are included.

We then ferry to the mainland to the Dreams resort.  We stay 2 nights with all meals and drinks (alcohol included).  There is the option of 2 tank Cenote diving or a trip to the Mayan ruins at Tulum.  Then on Friday we go Whale Shark snorkeling.  All taxes and fees are included.

Tips for the dive crews are not included.

Saturday June 29 we fly back to Phoenix.  Depart 405 pm and arrive in Phoenix 635 pm.

This trip has easy flights, lots of diving, taxes and fees, meals , drinks, with diving and snorkeling included.

The Dreams resort is close to Tulum.

I have arranged for a trip to the Mayan site at Tulum in place of the Cenote dives.  If you wish to do this please let me know.

For those who wish to dive the Cenote or go to Tulum the price will be $2870 with a cash or check discount to $2795.  If you op out of the Cenote dives and Tulum the price is $2725 with a cash or check discount to $2650.

This trip has a lot of luxurious travel, with easy flights and a stupendous amount of diving and snorkeling.  Get ready to get wet and dive all that you ever wanted.

The resorts are kid friendly. Please check them out.  Allegro in Cozumel and Dreams Cancun on the mainland. 

This package is only $500 more than the standard 5 day 2 tank trip to Cozumel.  That is the cost of the Whale Shark snorkel alone and you get the extra diving at super nice resorts.  This is great value for what we are getting and a chance to snorkel with the largest fish in the ocean.  The dates are to coincide with the annual Whale Shark migration.

A deposit of $500 will be due on February 1, 2019 and final payment will be due April 1, 2019.

People have been asking to see Whale Sharks, so here is your chance with many, many other dives and other activities included.

I can't stress enough how easy the flights and transfers will be from one great resort to another.  The all inclusive packages are there to take care of all your needs.  You literally only have to get to the airport in Phoenix and you will be taken care of until you return to Phoenix.

I have quite a few names on the sign up sheet at this time. So be sure to get your deposit down and reserve your spot.


Date for the San Carlos trip 2019


The dates will be June 13-17 and September 5-9.

The Water will be 80 degrees  and the sea lions are  playful as always.

The price is $525.  This includes 4 nights stay in the condo.


This includes lodging, shore diving  and 5 boat dives, with 3 dives at San Pedro Island with the Sea Lions.  We will carpool to San Carlos and meals are on you.  We will have a large Condo so cooking is a great option.

There are only 8-10 spots on this trip so they are going fast. For those going on the June trip please pay deposit for the trip by April 1 $50 and balance by May 1.  For those going on the September trip deposit $50 due July 1 balance August 

Scuba Travel


PALAU 2019

The dates for the trip are October 11-19 for the 1 week trip and October 11-23 for the week and a half trip.  Palau pricing will be $3709 for the 7 day trip and $4949 with the 4 day add on.  This includes airfare, lodging, breakfast, lunch while diving and 3 dives per day for a total of 15 dives for the 7 day trip and 27 dives for the 11 day trip.  For the 7 day trip payment by cash or check a deposit of $500 by January 31 2019 and a payment of $1500 by February 15, 2019 with final  payment of $1709   by July 1 2019.

This trip will be on a first come first serve basis.  I can probably get additional bookings later, but cannot guarantee the price.

For the 11 day trip a $500 deposit is due by January 31, 2019, $2224 due on February 15, 2019 and final payment $2225, July 1, 2019

Credit Card Payments will be charged an additional 2.7%

If you wish to get your own airfare, please contact the store for flight times and details.  At this time you can save some money by getting your own flights,  In that case The price for the trips are $2159 for the 7 day trip and $3399 for the 11 day trip.  This is cash or check price.

We will be departing from LAX and rooms are double occupancy.  Please contact the store for flight information from Flagstaff to LAX

An additional trip to Peleliu on Friday to see WWII artifacts with 2 dives along the way is $200. 

This is a real bucket list trip.  Palau has higher marine life densities than other Pacific islands due to native fishing customs and the marine reserve.


Scuba Education

Online Classes

We offer online classes from open water certification through instructor and all levels in between.


Students receive a 10% discount on gear packages.  We offer free air for a year to encourage new diver participation.

Pool Classes

We provide pool learning facilities

We will be offering SCUBA RANGERS again this summer, please contact us for further information.  Children can start at age 10.

We will be offering a Scuba Skills Update class on April 15th.  Please contact us at 928-556-8780 to join,

Continuing Education

Our instructors provide training for advanced certifications


Specialty Classes

  1. March    9  NITROX
  2. April     27    NAVIGATION
  3. May      18    DEEP
  4. June     22    WRECK
  5. July      27    STRESS & RESCUE
  6. August  24    NAVIGATION
  7. September  28  DEEP
  8. October  27   NIGHT
  9. December 1  Stress & Rescue

Class Schedule 2019

                        Pool          Open Water

  1. January        By  Appointment
  2. February       16-17  March 2-3            
  3. March            9-10           30-31 
  4. April              13-14           27-28
  5. May                3-4             18-19
  6. June               8-9            22-23     
  7. July               13-14           27-28
  9. August           10-11           24-25
  10. September    14-15          28-29
  11. October          5-6            26-27
  12. November      2-3              9-10
  13. December       By Appointment


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Equipment and Service

Scuba Gear

Summit can supply all your scuba gear from BC'S, Regulators, Wetsuits, Fins, Masks, Snorkels and more


We are a Hobie dealer. Other brands are Dagger, Perception, Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayaks. We oufit with all needed accessories

Just added Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks.  Reasonable prices.

We have surface dry suits for rent.

We have inflatable kayaks for rent


Mad River is featured along with others


We have swimmers gear for the pool to Triathletes


SOL inflaitables as well as Art is Surf rigid boards.  Other brands are available


Thule and Yakima


We sell paintball guns and supplies.  We fill CO2 and HPA tanks.                                             


Used Scuba Gear

We always have economical wetsuits, fins, masks, etc.

Dive and paddle gear

We have Hobie Mirage drive kayaks in stock at great prices.  They won't last long

Discounts for Divers

All our Students get 10% off Scuba Gear

Military and Law Enforcement

!0% for those who serve

Always the lowest prices

We will meet or beat any legitimate price


SOL paddleboards  has the Rebel model for $699.  A great value with pump. paddle, travel bag and extras.

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